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Mechanic Repairing a Car Engine
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Restore Your Vehicle to Top Form

Complete Auto Servicing

Extend the life of your vehicle with auto servicing from Manhattan Alignment. Our certified technicians are skilled at everything from oil changes to complex electronic diagnostics. With our help, your car stays ready for the road. Keep your vehicle in perfect working condition with auto service from us in the New York City area.

Engine Diagnostics

Is your car hesitating, stalling, running rough or just burning to much gas? With our computerized engine electronic equipment and our highly trained technicians, we can solve just about any issue you are having with the performance of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment & Tires

Those darn potholes. It seems every winter while dealing with all the snow and cold weather, we also have the potholes to contend with. They are just overwhelming and unavoidable. Besides rattling us, they stress and damage our vehicle's tires, wheels, steering and suspension systems. They throw the wheels out of alignment causing steering drift, tire wear, and highway shaking. With our ASE certified technicians and our state of the art Computerized wheel alignment and wheel balancing equipment, we can maintain your vehicle's safety while keeping your costs down and tire wear to a minimum.

Mechanic Changing a Car Wheel

Air conditioning and heating

Does your vehicles A/C vent blow warm air? Does the heater blow cool air?

We can help! While we at Manhattan Alignment believe in being responsible and environmentally friendly, we have a considerable investment in the latest A/C equipment available and use only environmentally friendly refrigerants and chemicals. Along with this equipment and our M.A.C. certified technicians we can diagnose, repair and maintain your vehicle's A/C and heating system in a way that is safe for our planet and future generations.

Maintenance services

7,500, 15,000-mile service? 30,000-mile service? 45, 60, 90,000-mile service? Do all these services confuse you? Do you follow them or even know what the are? Do you know the difference between them? What about the cost? Have you ever had the displeasure of paying the car dealer's price for some of these services? Well, fear no more! At Manhattan Alignment.

With quarterly updates to our information systems, we always have the latest information for your vehicle at our fingertips.

Car Repairing

Maintenance schedules, technical service bulletins and even recall information is available. Along with this information and our Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter maintenance packages we can equal or exceed the mileage services recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle at a considerable saving to you.

Improve your vehicle's performance by contacting us at (212) 281-0300 in New York, New York, for auto servicing.